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Welcome to Krishnam Computers, Nagpur:
Krishnam Computers Nagpur is providing Total Computer Solutions in the Nagpur Metro area. We are providing Multi Brand Hardware Solutions (Sales, Service& Rentals) ( Dell HP Compaq Lenovo Acer Toshiba Sony Vaio IBM Asus HCL Panasonic Samsung ) to meet our customers specific individual or business needs. We also specialized in custom building PC's on very competitive rates.
The core of our busines isto Provide Quality & Timely Service to the Customers. We do repair work on most brands of PC's. We can take a customer from start to finish with most of their computer projects, all the way to hooking them up to the internet to go Global with their products and services. One of the benefits of doing business with Krishnam, is the personal service that the customer receives. We insure our Corporate or non Corporate customers needs are being met intimely .We are commited to makeTechnology EASY for Your SUCCESS

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