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What is Computer virus?

A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer. The term "virus" is also commonly but erroneously used to refer to other types of malware, including but not limited to adware and spyware programs that do not have the reproductive ability. A true virus can spread from one computer to another (in some form of executable code) when its host is taken to the target computer; for instance because a user sent it over a network or the Internet, or carried it on a removable medium such as a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB drive

Viruses can increase their chances of spreading to other computers by infecting files on a network file system or a file system that is accessed by another computer.

What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus (or anti-virus) software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Such programs may also prevent and remove adware, spyware, and other forms of malware.

A variety of strategies are typically employed. Signature-based detection involves searching for known malicious patterns in executable code. However, it is possible for a user to be infected with new malware for which no signature exists yet. To counter such so-called zero-day threats, heuristics can be used. One type of heuristic approach, generic signatures, can identify new viruses or variants of existing viruses by looking for known malicious code (or slight variations of such code) in files. Some antivirus software can also predict what a file will do if opened/run by emulating it in a sandbox and analyzing what it does to see if it performs any malicious actions. If it does, this could mean the file is malicious.

Leading AntiVirus (or anti-virus) software available in Nagpur:
Quick Heal Antivirus:

Quick Heal Technologies is India’s leading provider of Internet Security tools and is a leader in Anti-Virus Technology in India. Quick Heal Technologies is focused to provide products and services of high quality and adapt to the ever changing needs of consumers’.


Quick Heal AntiVirus Products available in Nagpur:

                                                                 Call on 9822234449 for the current discounted rates

1. Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2010   MRP: Rs.1119 / Year for 1 PC                                                  

2. Quick Heal Internet Security 2010   MRP: Rs.1599 / Year for 1 PC 

3. Quick Heal Total Security 2010   MRP: Rs.2099 / Year for 1 PC

4. Quick Heal AntiVirus 2010 Server Edition     MRP: Rs.2850 / Year for 1 PC

Net Protector (NP-AP):
India antivirus was established in pune, and has been actively involved in Research and Development of Anti-Virus software.Net Protectors primary motive is to "Add confidence to computing" by developing innovative solution for large corporate, small
Net Protector AntiVirus Products available in Nagpur:

                                                                 Call on 9822234449 for the current discounted rates

1. AntiVirus + Internet Security for Laptops & PC   MRP: Rs.850 per year or Rs.1700 for 3 Year       

2. AntiVirus + Internet Security for Server   MRP: Rs.1950 per Year or Rs.2950 for 3 Year  


McAfee, Inc. is an antivirus software and computer security company head quartered in Santa Clara, California. It markets McAfee VirusScan and related security products and services, including the IntruShield, Entercept, and Foundstone brands.

McAfee AntiVirus Products available in Nagpur:

Call on 9822234449 for the current discounted rate

1. McAfee Total Protection 2010   MRP: Rs.2270 (Protects up to 3 PC’s for 1 year)



Symantec Corporation is the largest maker of personal computer security software, founded in 1982 by Gary Hendrix. Symantec was originally focused on artificial intelligence-related projects, including a database program. In August 1990, Symantec purchased Peter Norton Computing, a developer of various applications for DOS. Symantec's consumer antivirus and data management utilities are still marketed under Peter Norton's name.

Norton AntiVirus Products available in Nagpur:

Call on 9822234449 for the current discounted rate

1. Norton 360 Version 4.0   MRP: Rs.3409 = 99 per Year 1 PC

2. Norton Internet Security 2010   MRP: Rs.2115 = 99 per Year 1 PC

3. Norton AntiVirus 2010    MRP: Rs.1109 = 99 per Year 1 PC

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