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Ten Maintanance Tips to Keep Your Laptop / PC Running Smoothly
Krishnam Computers, Nagpur not only want to sale you a computer, but also want to guide you to take care of it. Now is a good time to get some good computer maintenance habits developed before you get yourself into trouble.
            1.      Never, never, turn your computer off with the power switch until Windows has shut down.

2.      We highly recommend that you purchase an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for your computer

3.      Backup, backup, backup, any data you cannot afford to lose to at least two separate physical drives. So backup data to
      floppies, Zip disks, CD-RWs etc.

4.      Run Scandisk and Defragment at least once a month. This will keep your hard drive healthy and prevent crashes

5.      Never unplug peripherals from the computer when it is powered up. Unplugging with the power on can short out the
      connector socket or the motherboard
6.      Do keep at least 100 MBs of your C: drive free for Windows to use. If you use Windows Me or Windows XP then you
      should have 200 MBs of free space on  your C: drive.
7.      Do not let a lot of programs load up when you start your computer. They use valuable memory and Windows
      Resources (Windows internal workspace).
8.      Do use a virus checker regularly. Everyone should use a virus checker. The best type of protection is continuous
      monitoring from a dedicated anti-virus program.
9.      If you have a high speed Internet connection you need a firewall program. A firewall program keeps those who want
      to hijack your computer from gaining access to your system. You really do not want someone else running your computer.
10.  Keep track of the software disks you receive with your computer and new peripherals. These disks contain valuable software drivers and programs for Windows and are needed when Windows must be reloaded
Hopefully these maintenance tips will keep you out of trouble. However, if you have problems with your computer, feel free to ask for help from us.
You can email us your questions at  or call us on
0712-22550019 / 98222-34449.
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